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10 Simple Tips To Defeat RA-related Fatigue And Live A Healthy Life

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is not just about pain and stiffness in joints, up to 98 percent of individuals with RA also suffer from fatigue. The bone-wrenching fatigue rips away your energy to possess a traditional life. But don’t be concerned. Click through to seek out 10 simple tips that help boost your energy and cause you to desire yourself again.

1-Get Treatment

Treatment that reduces your RA symptoms also will help combat your fatigue. If you begin getting more energy under medication, then it’s working.

2-Pain Management

Pain causes you to a wasted person, but good pain management can increase your energy levels. Pain relievers taken daily are one among the simplest ways to defeat it.

3-Have Enough Rest

A restorative sleep within the range of seven to eight hours an evening is right to assist refresh your energy.

4-Proper Sleep Environment

Create a dark and quiet environment at the proper temperature to make sure a restful sleep. fill use of pillows and a supportive mattress to make sure an honest sleep posture.

5-Get A Checkup

Ask your doctor to see if you’ve got enough iron, vitamin D and B12, because the deficiency in any of them can cause fatigue. People with RA will feel more energetic if they need more vitamin D to their daily routine.

6-Other Energy Boosting Supplements

Besides iron, vitamin D and B12, consult your doctor about other supplements and confirm they do not reduce the effectiveness of the medication you are taking .


Getting regular exercise with RA is important for maintaining your energy. Do some gentle exercises (light swimming and walking) that will not strain your joints.

8-Manage Your Energy

Balance periods of rest and activity to form sure you’ve got energy left over at the top of the day to try to to what you would like to subsequent day.

9-ask people

Conversations with friends and family to share your frustration can lighten the burden and cause you to feel more invigorated.

10-Do What Nourishes You

Do what you’re keen on and you’ll magically get energy from it. But remember to not overwork yourself.

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