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8 Best Resistance Bands Exercises to Do At Home

Just because you can’t afford to travel to the gym or perhaps your local gym closed down — doesn’t mean you ought to stop caring about your level of fitness and what your body seems like . understanding reception is simply as important when it involves keeping your body moving and your circulatory system stay healthy. Doing exercise reception is often even as effective as getting to the gym.
There are many bodyweight exercises and cardio that you simply can do reception with none equipment. It’s not an honest idea to try any quite weight training on your own without a knowledgeable trainer to guide you. What you’ll do, however, to require your home workouts to an entirely new level and have interaction your muscles, even more, is get yourself some pretty inexpensive resistance bands. If you have already got them — here are the simplest resistance band exercises you’ll do the reception.


If you’re one among those people that don’t feel the squats in their glutes – try placing a resistance band on your thighs and you’ll feel the exercise far more intensely. There are bands with various levels of resistance so pick the proper level for yourself and check out to try to your usual amount of sets. We bet it’ll be tougher this manner.

7-Donkey Kicks

Many find this particular exercise to be easy when through with just bodyweight. However, if you set the resistance band just above your knees and check out doing this you’ll feel not only your glutes activating but your hamstrings too.

6-Plank Leg Raises

For this exercise, you would like to position the resistance band around your ankles, get into a plank position and lift one leg at a time. This way, because you’ll have resistance when lifting your leg because of the band you’ll feel this exercise in your hamstrings, glutes and even your obliques.

5-Squat Side Walk

You put the band within the same position as you’d when doing squats, except now you are doing a squat, stay therein position and do a couple of steps to the side then get up. Do another squat then a couple of steps on the other side. you’ll feel this in your thighs and your booty.

4-Shoulder Rotation

A great exercise to interact with your shoulders and your upper back. All you are doing is put the resistance band around your wrists. Have your arms bent at the elbows ahead of your body. Then move your wrists to the side while rotating your palms upwards as you stretch the band. attempt to keep your elbows on the brink of your body and your upper arms in situ.

3-Bicep curls

Step on your resistance band together with your |along with your”> together with your feet and hold the ends with your hands. Keep upper arms on the brink of your body and still while trying to tug the hands up to your shoulder. you’ll also do a variation of this sitting down by having the looped quite band around your leg under your knee and doing an equivalent motion together with your arms as before.

2-Tricep Kickback

To perform this exercise stand on the resistance band together with your feet hip-width apart. Take the ends of the band in your hands and lean forward. Your arms should be bent at the elbow. Now pull the band back and straighten your arm behind you, confirm your upper arms stay in situ and it’s only the forearms that are moving.

1-Lat Pulldown

Take your resistance band and loop it around your wrists or hold in your hands. Put your arms straight up above your head. Now as you pull them outwards and down so that your arms bend at the elbow while stretching the resistance band. It’s also an honest idea to try to do this exercise together with your back to the wall, to form sure your arms only move down and to the side, not forward.

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